Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WOW ladies hard at work!

Here is Michele Spring (coordinator) in the back bustling the dress, Kathleen Hagan touching up the make-up, and Kimberlee Miller (the photographer, on her knees) pampering the client at her 8/8/08 wedding at Fess Parker's in Santa Barbara. Don't you wish you had an entourage following you around this this all the time? (Photos with Kimberlee in them taken by Laura Turner, others taken by Kimberlee)

Kathleen seen here puting the final touches on Jennifer earlier in the day.

Also working at the event was WOW member Lisa Kasberg, DJ extrordinaire as seen here with photographer Kimberlee Miller. Michele and Lisa making sure the schedule runs smoothly.

What a successful event and a lovely couple. Congratulations Jennifer and Jeishi.

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