About Us

Women of Weddings is a group of female wedding professionals who belong to the group based on their integrity, style, client and fellow vendor rapport, longevity in the business and their ability to progress in the
evolution of wedding trends.

Why women? We think that ladies have a different view about weddings. We are emotionally invested. It is in our nature to want to make everything beautiful and run smoothly. It is not uncommon to find us tearing up during the ceremony or even the first dance. We can juggle many tasks at once without even thinking about it. We care about you and your important day. It makes us proud to say that we helped contribute to the party of your life.

Women of weddings is also commited to improving the acceptance and of women in our field. Education, support and advice are offered to our members on how to run a business and their lives with integrity. We will also support and get involved with women's causes.