Friday, November 23, 2012

Drumroll for the #1 MUSIC in Los Angeles!
Lori Andrews
JazHarp Records Website
Congratulations Lori!


Drumroll for the #1 FLORIST in Los Angeles!
Debbie Fields
Congratulations Debbie!

#2 FLORST in Los Angeles!
Jennifer Rothfield
Congratulations Jennifer!

#2 INVITATIONS in Los Angeles
Congratulations Teresa!

#3 PHOTOGRAPHY in Los Angeles
Congratulations Kimberlee!



#3 OFFICIANT in Los Angeles
Rev. Barbara laughray
Congratulations Rev. Barbara!

#5 DJ in Los Angeles
Lisa Kasberg
Congratulations Lisa!

The Women of Weddings have done it again!

Seven talented women representing WOW have been placed
in the top five of FOXLA's Hotlist, voted on by the people
of Los Angeles. Final voting was tallied and the press
release came out the week of Nov. 16, 2012!

Congratulations to WOW and the high
standards they continue to deliver.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Maureen & Mike at Walnut Grove...

Some of our team did their magic 

at Walnut Grove last month


 Amazing Photography by:

 Amazing ambiance by:
Michele Spring at Walnut Grove, Simi Valley

 Amazing flowers by:

Amazing ideas by all!

Thanks for a great event and for trusting WOW with our expertise!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making dreams come true at Maravilla Gardens...

Kimberlee Miller and Rev Barbara Laughray
do their magic for one bride and groom
at Maravilla Gardens last week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOWs 1st Annual Family get together!

On August 13, WOW got together to celebrate families, fun, frolic and funnel cakes (not really on the cakes) Since I couldn't help myself to filter the pics, I had to include them all!! Enjoy!

Recognize some of your favorite wedding vendors? Ever seem them quite like THIS before?

WOW loves WOW!

Monday, April 30, 2012


We hope you had the pleasure of joining 

WOW at our first EXPO
April 22 at North Ranch Center

standing L to R:
Theresa Woolson (occasions to celebrate)
Debbie Fields (Floral Fields)
Kimberlee Miller (Kimberlee Miller Photography)
Rev. Barbara Laughray (Officiant)
Kathleen Hagan (Beau Ideal Beauty)
Michele Spring (Mia Bella Weddings)

kneeling L to R:
Jennifer Rothfield (Belle of the Ball Designs)
Lisa Kasberg (I'm a Girl DJ)
Tamara Walker (The Body Defined)

Valerie Miller (VIP DJ services)

They did an amazing job

 transforming this great wedding site 

into a glamorous, decadent event!


Take a look at these stunning table settings!


A Celebrity Wedding!! and in People Magazine...

Congratulations to WOWs
Reverend Barbara Laughray 

for officiating another celebrity wedding!

See the wedding pics in 

People magazine 

April 23, 2012 edition




Thursday, March 8, 2012

Please join us for a WOW Expo!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1st Annual WOW Expo at North Ranch Center...

our first WOW EXPO at:
The North Ranch Center
Sunday, April 22 • 3:00 - 6:00pm


1400 North Westlake Boulevard
Westlake Village, CA 91362
(805) 373-3725

There will be:
gift bags
food and drinks
candy buffet
dueling DJ's
...and live music as well

Everyone is welcome!!
invites will go out soon

for more info email:

a recent brides post about North Ranch Center:
- no restrictions on caterer, alcohol, music
- ample parking
- clean, elegant decor
- tables and chairs included
- decent price
- access to venue the whole day
(even day before if it is not rented out)
- kind and friendly staff

WOW Spotlights Reverend Barbara Laughray on "Relationships"

Reverend Barbara spoke to us with amazing insight about relationships at our last meeting. I've included highlights of her 10 points below and 2 videos (part 1 and 2) for your enjoyment.Thank you so much Rev. Barbara Laughray for sharing your remarkable wisdom and vision.

Barbara's Website

1. How to deal with problems…Problems help us go to the next level, they are there to teach us.

2. Keys to a successful life……giving thanks is key.

3. We need 'balance" in our lives and quiet time every single day!

4. Allow the spirit within to lead you, not your ego.

5. For every hurt feeling that we have, look deeper for just one positive decision that you can make.

6. Listen beyond words - use the "3 people rule".

7. In every breakdown, there are 3 things you can do:


L=Learn what I can learn from the situation

B=Bless the other person

8. If not now, when? It's not what you 'were', it's what you 'ARE'. Every moment of our life is a new beginning.

9. Do one small act for another person every day.

10. The idea of forgiving and letting go….

Lori Andrews plays "The Lord's Prayer" with Jackie Evancho...

Lori Andrews played "The Lord's Prayer"
with Jackie Evancho at the Nokia Theater
February 24, 2012

Here's a clip of Jackie singing

It was a great evening of music.
Jackie sang songs from her new CD "Dream with Me"
including "The Prayer", a duo with Josh Page and
"All I ask of You" (some of our favorite weddings songs)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our 2011 White Envelope Gift....SPARKLE CAPS

A special thanks to WOW from Sparkle Caps, our 2011 White Envelope gift recipient. Their goal is to uplift and bless women in treatment for cancer, particularly chemotherapy treatments

Dear Women of Weddings:

You sure pack a lot of WOW! I was WOWed by WOW’s white envelope gift to The Sparkle Caps Project (“Sparkle Caps”). Those funds will provide gift bags to 20 women in treatment for cancer.

I was so thrilled when Barbie told me that she had submitted Sparkle Caps to WOW for consideration as a recipient of the WOW White Envelope. When I was advised that Sparkle Caps had been awarded WOW’s White Envelope, I was WOWed to tears. It was an incredible feeling to know that Sparkle Caps was not only being honored for its work but that it would have the capability to empower and support more women in treatment for cancer. Although I was certainly curious about the amount of the gift and how many more women would be helped because of it, I was on an emotional high (and still am) that Sparkle Caps was being so recognized—and it all started with a comment by a passerby—“Now I can wear cute hats like that,” as I was traveling through the radiation department at my treatment center wearing my beautiful yellow sparkle cap in October 2010.

In addition to seeking financial and prayer support from friends and family, Sparkle Caps also accepts referrals for gift bags from family, friends and professionals. You are now on the friend list, so if at any time you would like a gift bag sent to another women going through cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy (due to hair loss and, thus, the need for a sparkle cap), I would be more than happy to mail out a gift bag.

As my way of a special thank you and to keep Sparkle Caps in your sights, I am enclosing to each of you a very special angel. These angels wear ribbons for various kinds of cancer. They are made by my sister-in-law Nancy O’Connor (from La Habra, CA) as her contribution to Sparkle Caps, all at her cost. When I asked her if it would be okay with her to send ten of her angels on to WOW, she was so happy to let me pass them on to you. These angels are made with love, and I hope that you will find a sweet home for them—I have several on my angel Christmas tree; once the angel tree comes down, my angels will find a new home, as a continual reminder that we are all watched over by angels—the heavenly and the earthly kind.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous gift to Sparkle Caps. Know that you are each helping 20 other women going through a very difficult time of their lives. God blesses each of these bags as they go out. He knows how each woman will be impacted with the messages and gifts. My prayer is that each woman will grow in her reliance on God to see her through.

Let me quote some words from the foundational letter that goes out in every gift bag:

. . .God has been my strength and my peace. He has lead me, held my hand and walked beside me; He has walked behind me and given me pushes when needed; and when I have been too tired to take another step, He has carried me. He is there for you, too. Lay your fear, your burdens at Jesus’ feet—He wants them; He wants us to ask Him for help.

I believe those words can help all of us, when the path is smooth and when it is rough. I have no idea where God intends to take this project; I only know that He is in control. Thank you for being a part of God’s plan to help more women as they travel their difficult paths.

God bless you!
Susan Heimbigner
for The Sparkle Caps Project
Enclosure: One Angel and a heart full of thanks

Follow and support them on the Sparkle Caps Facebook Page