Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A nice note from a recent bride....

"Dear WOW,

Thank you soo much for turning my dreams into reality! It was such a pleasure to work with the talented ladies of WOW and feel the constant assurance that everything is going to be perfect. The women really know how to make your special day turn into the most relaxed and joyous occasion of all time.

When I first saw Kimerlee's work I just knew she would be perfect. But then Clark and I met Kimblerlee and it was like no other photographer would even begin to compare to Kimberlee's expertise, great eye, attention to detail, and all around friendliness. She just clicked with us with total ease and I knew we would be in perfect hands. But it didn't stop with Kimberlee. As she referred us to Reverend Barbara and Lori and then to Jennifer, my dream wedding started to turn into reality.

Reverend Barbara brought such a gentleness to the ceremony. It was so personal that each guest felt like they really were a part of something special. Her message spoke so eloquently to Clark and I and when I started to cry (and start and stop and start and stop...), there was Reverend Barbara with her caring smile and soft eyes, ready to hand me a tissue!

Still to this day, I am receiving compliments for the beautiful flowers and ambience Jennifer created. She really captured the spirit and character of Clark and I. After the first meeting, Jennifer effortlessly interpreted the look I was going for and kept all the graces and details I was hoping to achieve. Each floral arrangement was a work of art and portrayed the winter wonderland feel. It was as if Jennifer could read my mind. Not one thing was out of place and the florals graciously flowed from one room to another. Keeping the continuity throughout our entire wedding. It was spectacular!

And what can I say about our wedding cake?? Absolute perfection! It really was a testament when my mom's friend claimed on the drive home "My cigar is melting in my pocket!" Lori created the most amazing cigar box wedding cake. All evening guests would stop and take pictures. Our cake was soo life-like people were honestly mistaking it for a real cigar box. But it was the delicious flavors (carrot and marble) that put it over the top! Lori is a master at cake design and baking!

I have to say what made the day even more special was seeing all the ladies together wishing Clark and I well. At so many weddings, the vendors just up and leave their clients the day of, but WOW really went that extra mile to continue in making sure everything was perfect for us and that we were taken care of. It truly was a joy to work with such professional women who do care about their clients and the well being of the guests; and it shows in their work. You can't fake perfection. WOW is the bar.

Clark and I thank you for the most perfect day and for expertly taking care of us.

With Love,
Julie & Clark Sather"

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