Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My fun wedding at Paramount Studios

Lori Andrews, jazz harpist post
Well, I arrived at Paramount Studios Saturday night
to find out that I was playing a wedding 
(no clue from the agent who hired me)
Now, was it a TV wedding or a real wedding? 
No one could tell me. Finally found out it was real. 
 Stage 27 was set up for a ceremony on one side, cocktails on the other.
 I was only playing one hour of jazz as people entered the area outside 
Stage 27 for the first of two cocktail hours.
As I was packing up, loving my one hour gig, I noticed a beautiful 
white horse standing outside the ceremony area. Too cool! 
It was a UNICORN!! OMG! They ARE real LOL. 
OMG, it's a JEWISH unicorn!
The happy couple rode this beautiful white Jewish unicorn into the 
ceremony to the surprise of all the guests. Only in Hollyweird. 

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